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Mission statement

This site is dedicated to writing and developing ways to write fluent java.

Why java? Java is often dismissed as verbose and clumsy. Yes, a lot of java code out there is verbose and clumsy. And there are many languages, even for the JVM, that make it possible to write much cleaner and more beautiful code.

But there are many good reasons for using java. The tool support is excellent. Java has many good IDEs, and a good IDE is worth a dozen language features. Many commercial projects just happen to be written in java (legacy reasons). Whatever the reasons, if you are to use java, why not learn to use it well! Because it is possible. If your code is verbose and clumsy, are you sure you have tried enough? It's all too easy to blame the tools...

Fluent? Being fluent in a language can be understood generally, like with natural languages: if you are fluent, you speak or write the language with little effort. But with java, an important part of being fluent is to utilize the fluent interface style, that of chaining method calls. A seemingly simple trick that turns java into a powerful metalanguage for Domain Specific Languages.

The community

This site is maintained by just doing it, now. New content will appear here, but what, how, by whom and when? That's to be seen. By people interested in the topic. By forking the github project of this site and making pull requests. Or by otherwise contacting the site administrator.

The namespace

If you have a project or site that promotes or is otherwise relevant to fluent java, you may be entitled to a subdomain yourproject.fluentjava.org and a link from this site, for free. Please contact the administrator, if you are interested.


Ideas are welcome. IRC? Twitter? Facebook? Local interest club meetings in pubs?



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